Fun fact.

In and around 1999, my email address was

spaceman <>

I discontinued using it when microsoft bought hotmail. I dont remember sending any emails to Elon Musk…


Science vs. Creationism

Science – The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

Basically, science is a process that we use to figure out how the world works. What is taught in science class is not a “belief system”, like some creationists claim. In science class we (hopefully) learn the most useful knowledge that has been figured out by humans up until now. We learn the best methods we know of to figure out yet unknown things. We learn how the greatest discoveries came about.

We also learn, how not NOT to conduct science. Its not science if at first you make an assumption of what is true, then sift through evidence, accepting all that confirms your assumption and dismissing as fake all that contradicts.

Creationists wants to teach you that “God created everything” and that the question “Why does … happen?” is always answered by “God did it”. Even though it might fulfill the immediate need of an answer, it still gets you nowhere when it comes to knowledge.

Creationists will say cancer is “Gods will” and leave it at that. Science is trying to figure out what it is, why it happens, how it progresses, but most importantly; what can be done to prevent it, or cure it.

Just like scientists of the past figured out how to prevent smallpox, polio, and measles. God didnt eradicate smallpox, science did. People born in the 70s and later have never seen a world without vaccines, they think that perfect health is the default and that vaccines have nothing to do with it.

The bible doesnt teach you anything about vaccines. Science does.

American violence

In the United States of America it seems that most people think government is evil and should be minimized at all costs. I believe this is the root of many of the problems that exist there these days.

Everyone clings to the constitution and how they have Rights. But rights cannot be enforced unless there is someone to enforce them. If left to individuals, only strong and powerful have rights.

So, there needs to be a government to enforce the rights of all individuals, strong Or weak, if all are to remain equal. And to enforce this, government needs to use “violence”.

In most other western countries, government has a more or less well established “monopoly on violence” in order to enforce the rule of law. USA is different. Because of the 2nd amendment, citizens are allowed to bear arms, and to use “violence” to protect themselves as well as their property. This is where “the American train” starts to derail.

Hollywood glorifies the lone ranger, strong men and women who seek their own justice, often in defiance of existing law enforcement. And once the bad guy is dead, the story ends without the vigilante ever suffering any consequences for their actions.

And so, the violence continues…


If a Society makes progress, so does All its citizens

Over the years I have spent in Africa, it was clear to see that the politicians only cared about themselves, their own family, their own friends and their own tribe. As such, I expect the African continent to remain a poor and underdeveloped continent for the forseeable future.