In late 2018, I was watching my savings account grow larger than it has ever been before, and it frustrated me that the bank interest has been zero for quite some time now. I started contemplating other ways to save money to get some interest on my savings.

My father has been trading with stocks and other papers all his life and against his advice, I decided to give it a try. I bought my first stocks in July 2018.

The first few months, the stocks I had bought kept losing in value, but I didnt sell. My disability has taught me patience. I bought a couple other stocks and made my first sale, with profit. I eventually sold my first acquired stocks too, with profit.

I havent made many deals. Since 2018 Ive only concluded 13 deals, but all of them profitable.

With no sales in 2018, I obviously didnt earn any profits that year. But for 2019 my “interest” was 19% and so far in 2020, Ive earned another 38%. A good result, but my investment capital is too small to make a living off it.

Ofcourse, I hope I can keep the profitability going, and that my strategy is sound and not just contingient on luck. Time will tell. Wish me luck!

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