Mind & body

Just because my body is broken, doesnt mean my mind works differently from yours.


Evolution vs creatards

We have all heard it before.

If humans evolved from monkeys, why do we still have monkeys?

Besides the obvious incorrectness of this unintelligent question, try asking yourself;

If white people evolved from africans, why do we still have africans?

Creatards will have a mental breakdown if they ever hear this, but the fact remains, caucasians evolved from africans and the reason africans still exist is that on the african continent, having dark skin is still better than having fair/white skin.

Being willfully ignorant is fine. As long as you dont try to cripple your children and others around you with your ignorance.

Basic civility lost

In philosophy, the concept of reality, what can be proven and what can not, proposes that the only thing that can be proved is that “I exist”. How can you doubt your own existance, unless you actually exist? You can not, however, prove that any other individual or thing exists.

As far as reality is concerned, all it is – is chemical signals interpreted by your brain. As far as we know. It is not impossible that we all actually live in a Matrix. Or that we are living in a dream or delusion. We can’t prove it.

However, it seems that if we start acting out ideas of being the only being in existence and everyone else being puppets or holograms, we tend to be put into places like insane asylums or prisons. So for all parties involved, living and acting according to the premise that our brains actually interpret the reality around us correctly, seems quite beneficial.

More and more people seems to have lost this basic concept of civility. They doubt the government, the police, news organizations, coworkers, neighbours, and even friends and family. Nothing is real, everything is fake, and “they” are out to get me.

  • “The moon landing was a hoax”
  • “9/11 was an inside job”
  • “The earth is flat”

If you don’t believe anyone, civilization falls apart. It requires a basic level of implicit trust. Trust that is now being eroded by a tsunami of made up outright falsehoods, as well as distortions of reality.

Welcome to the new reality, where nothing is real, except you.


Fun fact.

In and around 1999, my email address was

spaceman <spacex@hotmail.com>

I discontinued using it when microsoft bought hotmail. I dont remember sending any emails to Elon Musk…